Personal Mentorship from IAS Officers

  • Preparation strategy of each subject for Prelims and Mains
  • Optional Subject Selection and Preparation Strategy
  • How to effectively cover Current Affairs
  • Analysis of your own weak and strong points
  • Syllabus Revision Methods
  • Grave Mistakes and How to avoid them
  • Deciding Study Sources according to your situation
UPSC Mentorship Confusion
UPSC Confused Student
UPSC-CSE Mentorship | Rancho 1

40 Minutes Audio or Video Call with the Officer

Talk to your Officer on a 40 Minutes uninterrupted Audio or Video Call (your choice)

UPSC-CSE Mentorship | Rancho 2

Discuss and Develop your own personal Strategy

Build your strategy taking expert guidance from the Mentor for
UPSC-Pre and Mains

UPSC-CSE Mentorship | Rancho 3

Get Guidance from Qualified Civil Servants

All our Mentors are qualified Civil Servants and have cracked UPSC-CSE in recent years


Why do I need a Mentor

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With the recent change in the nature of the UPSC exam, traditional methods of learning and bookish knowledge are not certainly helping the aspirants. It has become more and more difficult to understand what exactly UPSC is demanding from aspiring candidates.

A lot of content is available online which further confuses students and they waste a lot of time reading it. Most of the content is not important from the exam’s perspective.

The most important part to clear this exam is to have a well-planned and well-timed strategy.
Many students blindly follow the strategies of toppers without realizing their own strengths and weaknesses. They deviate from the path and waste a lot of time and money which ultimately results in failure. Personal Mentorship will help you form a clear strategy (according to your own weaknesses and strengths) for cracking UPSC-CSE.

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Get an IAS Officer to guide you. Book now @ ₹ 2,240 only!


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Mentorship from UPSC Crackers!

Get guidance from UPSC Crackers who have cracked UPSC-CSE Prelims and UPSC-CSE Mains, as well as cleared the interview rounds. Talk to the Mentors on a 40 Minutes uninterrupted Call. Ask all your doubts regarding UPSC Preparation and develop your personal exam strategy.


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Our Mentors

All Mentors have themselves cracked UPSC-Prelims and Mains in recent years

Our mentors are serving Government of India. During their UPSC-Preparation phase, they faced a lot of challenges, referred to many coachings and tried various study material sources. In the process, they made a lot of mistakes which costed them time and money. They are now offering to help you so that you don’t repeat the  mistakes.

Mr. Dilkhush Meena

Shree Dilkhush Meena

CSE Batch – 2019

Mr. Vijendra Kumar Meena

Shree Vijendra Kumar

CSE Batch – 2019

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