3 hour paper in just 2 hours!

Solve JEE Questions 1.3x faster

Solving JEE Main questions at turtle’s speed? Get better at time management in the exam halls.


Bullet Speed explained

Learn in 2 minutes how students across the country are increasing their questions solving speed.


Ever faced these problems?


Can solve the questions at home. But not during the exam

Because of the pressure in the exam hall, sometimes you can’t solve even easy questions!


Silly mistakes in JEE Main mock tests

Making silly mistakes that even an 8th-grade student would not make? See how I stopped making them


"Questions hi nahi padh paya"

You got panicked in the exam hall and wasted the whole attempt? This is for you


Solving questions at a turtle's speed?

Because of slow speed, you sometimes don’t even get the chance to attempt easy questions!

Speed Bullet sad student


What can you do?

Have you heard about that classmate who completes his/her paper in half the time and leaves the exam hall before even you’re halfway through the paper? It is not a birth-talent that you cannot achieve. Many students improved their questions-solving speed as well as reading speed through this technique. This speed makes you feel like you have 48 hours in a day to study.

Improve time management skills with Bullet Speed

How can you do this? Solve each and every question with a timer, period. This simple but very effective strategy is mostly ignored by aspirants. A timer forces you to do your best routinely. So that you can also perform your best during the JEE Main exam.

Now that you agree with me on using timer during practice sessions, let’s see how you can make it more effective. We’ve developed a feature called Bullet Speed addressing this strategy. You can do time bound practice for HC Verma, NCERT Books, Coaching practice questions, RD Sharma, and every other book from your bookshelf. 

Bullet Speed has resulted in increasing solving and reading speed up to 33% in students. This means you’re effectively gaining 36 minutes more during the JEE Main exam. Using a timer and then checking your analysis is like a cherry on the top. 

speed bullet instructions

Steps to increase your speed:

  1. Open Bullet Speed on the Rancho App
  2. Before starting to solve a question, tap on the screen
  3.  A timer starts and you solve your question yourself.
  4. Every 60 seconds, it produces a sound to remind you to hurry up.
  5. On finishing the question, tap again the screen to stop the timer.
  6. Check the time taken to solve the question. Tap on analytics to show previous timers.
  7. Tap again for the next question! Hooray.

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Good luck with your preparations 🙂

Speed bullet timer