Rancho’s Rapid Revision Plan for JEE

Arzoo kheni

Arzoo Kheni

  Mar 24, 2020 . 5 min read

Rancho’s Rapid Revision Plan

When Time is Less and Syllabus is More, we have to plan on what to do and more importantly what not to do. Rancho’s Rapid Revision Plan will help you keep your confidence and preparation on Track while you slowly approach the Exam Day.


There are certain chapters and concepts which are very important in JEE view. These chapters are asked in every year. Along with this, there are chapters which do not fetch direct questions but are mixed with these Important chapters. Having a good amount of confidence in them will motivate you to attempt their questions in the exam.

While there are 70+ Chapters in the complete JEE Syllabus, Rancho has launched the Rapid Revision Plan to complete your revision in 14 Days. We have created Chapter Tests exclusively for those who are going to face JEE Main in 2021. Each Chapter Test contains 30 Most Important Questions to be solved in 60 Minutes. These 30 Questions cover all the important concepts of that chapter.

What to Do?

Follow the given Day-wise Schedule. Complete a Chapter Test in 60 Minutes. After the test, read and understand the solutions to every question. Along with this, take Full Mock Tests and Revise parts of the syllabus everyday. 


Day 1: Chapter Test of Chemical Bonding (C) + JEE Mains Mock Test 1

Day 2: Chapter Test of Thermal Properties of Matter (P) + Notes Revision of Chemistry

Day 3: Chapter Test of Probability (M) + JEE Mains Mock Test 2

Day 4: Chapter Test of Chemical Thermodynamics (C) + Formulae Revision of Maths

Day 5: Chapter Test of Wave Optics (P) + JEE Mains Mock Test 3

Day 6: Chapter Test of EMI and AC (P) +  Revise Rotational Motion and Kinematics

Day 7: Chapter Test of Vectors (M) + JEE Mains Mock Test 4

Day 8: Chapter Test of Rotational Dynamics (P) + Notes Revision of S and P Block

Day 9: Chapter Test of Limits Continuity and Differentiability (M) + JEE Mains Mock Test 5

Day 10: Chapter Test of Chemical Kinetics (C) + Notes Revision of Physics Thermodynamics

Day 11: Chapter Test of SHM (Oscillations) (P) + JEE Mains Mock Test 6

Day 12: Chapter Test of Matrix and Determinants (M) + Notes Revision of
Organic Chemistry

Day 13: Chapter Test of Alcohols Phenols and Ethers (C) + JEE Mains Mock Test 7

Day 14: Chapter Test of Coordination Compounds (C) + JEE Mains Mock Test 8 + Relax


Chapter Tests, Mock Tests and High Quality Chapter Notes, all are available in the Rancho app.
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