Fearful of JEE??

JEE is a tough exam. Even the smartest and brightest students fail to clear this exam every year. Being Scared of JEE is not unusual. Look around and you will see that your friends and their friends are also fearful about JEE.

Fear from JEE can be classified into 3 main categories.

1. The fear generated from a lack of knowledge

2. The fear generated by Exams

3. The fear generated from stress and lack of motivation.


1. The fear generated from a lack of knowledge
The syllabus of JEE is HUGE. It has over 70 chapters across Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Most of the chapters are based on the concepts which you have never learned in school. Chapters such as Rotational Dynamics, EMI & AC, Integral Calculus, Vectors, Biomolecules, Thermodynamics are very new and require a high level of understanding and practice.

In a very common scenario, During the preparation, a student sometimes lags behind in a chapter or a concept. Because of this, he/she faces difficulties in the next chapters/concepts. This keeps on going and their whole subject becomes very weak.

In another case, you learn a chapter. You clearly understand it. You do a lot of practice. But, after 3 months when you revisit the chapter, you start struggling with even simple questions and concepts. This sparks a deadly strike of under-confidence in that chapter. You get scared and try to avoid the chapter everywhere. From practicing at home to skipping questions in the test.

2. The fear generated by Exams

You have full confidence in a chapter. You can solve almost all types of questions from that chapter. You solve your friend’s doubts very easily. Yet, in the test, you marked the wrong option on a very simple question.


Because you were scared. You may not notice this but you had a feeling that “This is a Test” and that sparked fear in you. Anxiety and Stress took you over and stopped your brain to function efficiently. This is not just your problem. 99% of students experience this fear and underperform because of this fear in every exam.


3. The fear generated from stress and Lack of Motivation

Your friend mocked you. A relative teased you. Your parents scolded you. That’s enough for you to get stressed and feel sadness. Sometimes you want to cry. Alone in your bed while no one is watching. You don’t know if you will get selected in JEE or not.

There was a test and you marked more negatives than positives. You couldn’t even read all the questions in the Test. You marked the answers to simple questions wrongly.

The reason for losing motivation can be anything but the final result is that you get behind and even lost in the JEE Race.


Enough. What to do now??

Let’s start one by one.



1. The Fear generated from a lack of knowledge

Yes the syllabus of JEE is huge and there are some difficult chapters. But, all these chapters have a finite number of concepts. Every question is made by using these finite number of concepts. Once you fail to understand a simple concept, you struggle to solve all the questions which consist of that chapter. To kill this fear, you must understand and practice every single concept of every single chapter.
HOW? Rancho’s 200 Question Formula

2. The Fear generated by Exams
Performing in exams is a skill. You have to manage your time. You have to quickly skip questions that are difficult so that you can attempt those which are easy first. You have to minimize the rough calculations. Avoid silly mistakes (Read How I stopped making silly mistakes in JEE Main).

In an exam every second count. But while you are in your room, solving questions, you solve them quite comfortably (aaram aaram se).
This comfortable attitude makes you slow, indecisive (spending too much time on a question in the exam and leaving the rest unattempted), and unfocused.

You MUST solve each and every question with a Timer.
Since giving Exams is a skill and like any other skill, you have to develop it. Through Practice. A lot of practice.

Rancho’s Unlimited Practice and DPP feature ensure that you solve each question with a Timer.
Rancho’s Chapter Testa and Mock Tests which you can start anytime and anywhere ensure that your test-taking skill is improved every day.
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3. The Fear generated by Stress and Lack of Motivation.
Most of the time, You don’t have control over others. Your friends, relatives, and parents. but there is a person you have full control of. It’s You. Keeping yourself motivated and stress-free is very hard. All types of negative thoughts come to your mind and these thoughts harm you. These thoughts harm your body, mind, attitude, and success. But, you can simply ignore all the negative thoughts and become motivated on your own.

Read some Motivational Books.
Watch some motivational videos.
Take Deep Breaths
Talk/Chat about your worries and problems with an IITian Mentor in Rancho App.

We have made Rancho App in such a way that it helps you kill all your fears.