Revolutionary 200-Question Formula

Revolutionary 200-Question Formula 1

Shweta Katheria

Mar 25, 2020 . 2 min read

There is no scarcity of Questions these days in any of the Physics, Chemistry or Maths. There are 100s of books available for practice in the market and it is very normal to get confused.
A lot of Online JEE Coachings (whose names rhyme with Gujju’s and Copper) claim to have Lacs of Practice Questions (Rancho also has 4.5 lacs + Questions) but it is IMPOSSIBLE to solve all of them or even 20% of them.

So we developed a revolutionary way to practice smartly by solving minimum number of questions and still ace a Chapter! 

What is it?

  • There are 70 chapters in JEE syllabus across 11th and 12th course of Physics, Chemistry and Maths as per JEE Main.
  • We divided each chapter in 100 subparts.
  • Each subpart contains an important concept (from JEE point of view)
  • 200-Question-Formula makes sure that you complete all the 100 subparts within 200 Questions!

How it Works?


Rancho 200 Question Formula

Rancho’s 200 Question Formula

Step 1: Choose a chapter
Choose one chapter which you have completed

Step 2: Start solving
Start solving the chapter’s questions into the practice section. Every chapter is further divided into 100 concepts.

Step 3: How it works?
If you make mistakes, the Rancho’s AI-powered software detects it and gives you another question related to the same concept.

Step 4: Learn the concept
No matter how many mistakes you make, Rancho will show you the solution and will help you learn the concept.

Step 5: Continue the streak
Keep moving ahead, once you solve 200 questions correctly, you complete the whole chapter.

Benefits of 200 questions

Have you ever felt laziness from solving similar questions repetitively? Since you have so little time to prepare for JEE, this strategy ensures you solve any and every concept within the minimum number of questions.

Once you complete the 200 questions formula on a chapter, you will not have to revise the chapter ever! This formula ensures that you will be able to solve 85% questions of that chapter in the final JEE exam.

Getting into an IIT is easy. You just need to do the right things.

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