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It is very useful app for jee aspirant And it’s features such as danger zone, iitians mentorship and 200Q formulas are to good. It’s just like going to coaching institutions in comfort of your home App is useful for those who cannot afford fees of coaching institutions and they dream to be an iitian I would like to thank iitains who made this app. Thank you so much 💓

Piyush Usendi

🔥🔥👍HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 🔥🔥👍 A must have tool for all jee aspirants

Subrot Chatterjee

I was so confused at some time , that I thought I lost my all dream and aim , but when I found this app , I regained my confidence and hope to achieve my dream rank .( Derr aaye durust aaye ) , I hope , amount of material ( free ) have now , will not be delete by Rancho.


Sourav Dwivedi


Every aspirant needs to have his own brahmastra. Which is yours?

These features are designed uniquely by IITians to fill gaps in your JEE Preparations. Click on them to learn more.

JEE Mock tests

Attempt JEE Main & Advanced mock tests in NTA style.

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IITian Mentorship

Talk to an IITian every week to get tips and tricks

Learn more >

DPPs and Videos

Learn the JEE syllabus with daily practice papers

Learn more >

Chapter tests

Test your knowledge by practicing a variety of concepts in 1 hour.

Learn more >

Masterplan Study

Select 3 weak chapters and finish them in 7 days

Learn more >

Ask a doubt

Our AI-based bot knows 5 Lac solutions. Just upload a picture.

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Speed bullet

Solve every question with a timer to increase solving speed

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Previous year papers

Attempt previous year papers like an actual test paper.

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Why Prepare With Us?


Because you have gaps in your preparation

90% students have gaps in their Learning. These gaps are in the form of misunderstood concepts and ill-formed understandings. These gaps result in low confidence and poor results.


Find Gaps in your Preparation

It’s very hard for students to find these gaps.
You can find your true level and confidence gaps in a chapter through Rancho’s Deadly Challenges. Know more


It's not a course

If you have already joined a coaching class or any online class, you can still try Rancho to find and fill gaps in your preparation.

200 Questions Strategy

Master any chapter simply by solving only 200 questions correctly. This is the fastest way to complete a chapter. Know more.


Frequently Asked

I have less time to prepare for JEE. What should I do?

If you are low on time to revise for JEE Main & Advanced, follow this excellent guide on 21 days masterplan.

I have already joined a coaching class. Why should I try Rancho?

It's nice that you have joined a coaching class already. We know by experience that you still have or will have gaps in your preparation. You will lose confidence and marks because of these gaps. Rancho can help you find and fill these gaps. Try it once!

How much time should I give to Rancho

Most of our high-performing students solve around 40 questions daily on Rancho. This takes them around 2 hours.

Why it's name is Rancho? What does it mean?

Rancho is our little rabbit. He is curious about the world. Always looking for new Knowledge. Learning for fun and Understanding. We want you to bring out that hidden Rancho from you. Yeah....Rancho was featured in that famous film too 😉

New to JEE Preparation?

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