JEE Mock Tests

Real NTA-style online JEE Mock tests.
Prepare yourself for the actual JEE paper.
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Learn From Home

40+ JEE Mock Tests

Why compromise with PDF Tests or different test series? Practice on a platform designed to be similar to NTA’s JEE Exam, giving you the real JEE Test experience.

  • Questions designed according to the latest JEE pattern
  • Give JEE Mock Tests in the comfort of your home
  • Master Chapters by giving JEE Chapter Tests
  • Understand your weaknesses through detailed analysis
  • Attempt tests on your own schedule
JEE Mock Test

NTA-style Portal

Get the real JEE MoCK experience

Don’t waste time on fancy test series which are not even close to the real JEE exam design. Attempt real JEE Mock Tests on Rancho today.

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Detailed Analysis

Overcome every mistake you make

Check visual analysis of every question as well as solutions to improve on your mistakes and increase your marks in JEE

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Attempt on Phone

Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry!

Attempt fully featured JEE Mock Tests on your phone as well

Cover complete JEE syllabus

70+ Chapter Booster Tests

Never worry about unnecessary wastage of time. Attempt questions from tests designed for JEE, and not just for difficulty.

  • Strengthen your hold on difficult topics like Rotational Motion, Calculus and Chemical Equilibrium
  • 25+ Chapters in Physics, 20+ Chapters in Chemistry, 30+Chapters in Mathematics
  • Get regular practice according to your own schedule
  • Get solutions from the inbuilt bot inside Rancho
JEE Mock Test



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Questions according to JEE Requirements

Don’t waste time on too easy or too difficult questions. Attempt questions made specially in JEE exam pattern.

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Time management

Check time invested on every question so that you can see where you are wasting precious time

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In-depth Analysis

Get detailed, question-wise analysis to find out topics you need to work on. 

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Practice on Phone

Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry! You won’t lose out on practice. Attempt all tests on your phone, with complete analysis on the Rancho app.



Learn Problem Solving Techniques

JEE requires you to be prepared for a variety of questions. Giving regular JEE Mock Tests prepares you mentally and academically for JEE

Prepare in Competitive Environment

Giving time bound JEE Mock Tests tests your thinking ability in stressful, competitive environment

Prepare and Practice for JEE

JEE requires high level of preparation. JEE Mock Tests give you the real JEE experience at the comfort of your house

Analyse your Mistakes

In-depth analysis of JEE Mock Tests will increase your efficiency in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Check out how I stopped making any silly mistakes

Time Management

Most students feel they are not able to manage time. Check which questions take the most time and prepare these topics thoroughly.

Build the Right Strategy

Get information about which topics you are weakest in. Prepare these topics and increase rank to get into your dream college. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is JEE Mock Test important?

JEE Mock Tests prepare you for the actual JEE exam. Rancho’s JEE portal is identical to NTA’s portal and gives you the real JEE experience.

Who can take JEE Mock Tests?

Every JEE aspirant should attempt JEE mock tests to get an experience of JEE exam. You can take a Mock Test at the comfort of your home via Rancho’s online JEE portal.

When should I take JEE Mock Tests?

Rancho’s JEE Mock Tests should be attempted regularly about 2 Months before the actual JEE exam, because these tests are designed to be similar to NTA’s paper. So you should attempt them after you are fully prepared for JEE.

How many tests does Rancho provide?

Rancho provides 40+ JEE Mock tests and 70+ JEE Chapter Booster tests, covering the entire JEE syllabus.

Who should give JEE Chapter Boosters?

Every student should give JEE Chapter Booster tests to test their preparation in important topics from JEE point of view.

When to give JEE Chater Booster?

JEE Chapter Boosters should be ideally given after you are done with the preparation for a given chapter. Attempting a CB Test after you have gone through theory and basic practice will allow you to get the most of out your preparation.

New to JEE Preparation?

Have you just started your JEE Preparations? Send up a Whatsapp Message on the number given below 👇. We will send you a free Guide to crack JEE for beginners containing A-to-Z information about the prestigious Exam