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Boosters is a growing tech-company with a bold vision to boost the upliftment of education standards of students. Do you align with this vision? 


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Admissions: +91-782-846-9474
General Info: +91-830-517-7013

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Let's make stuff together. This year, Rancho has observed phenomenal growth. As a result, we're looking for talented and passionate creative people to  join our team. See the list of open positions now.


Frequently Asked

I have less time to prepare for JEE. What should I do?

If you are low on time to revise for JEE Main & Advanced, follow this excellent guide on 21 days masterplan.

I have already joined a coaching class. Why should I try Rancho?

It's nice that you have joined a coaching class already. We know by experience that you still have or will have gaps in your preparation. You will lose confidence and marks because of these gaps. Rancho can help you find and fill these gaps. Try it once!

How much time should I give to Rancho

Most of our high-performing students solve around 40 questions daily on Rancho. This takes them around 2 hours.

Why it's name is Rancho? What does it mean?

Rancho is our little rabbit. He is curious about the world. Always looking for new Knowledge. Learning for fun and Understanding. We want you to bring out that hidden Rancho from you. Yeah....Rancho was featured in that famous film too 😉

What's different from other live online tutors?

What we provide is a platform where students can learn from the best Kota teachers and learn from the study material used in Kota. That too at an unbelievably affordable cost that the whole India can afford.

What are live doubt classes?

On every alternate day, you get a 90 Minutes live doubt class, where you ask academic doubt questions to the doubt teachers. If you missed a mini concept while sleeping in the class, you can ask for it also 🙂

Can I get only mock test series?

Yes. Take our free mock test papers & chapter tests right now from here. You only pay for the tests you take. Mock test papers have fully flexible pricing. Click here and claim your free mock tests.

How can my parents keep track of my progress?

Parents get their own application. It notifies them regularly about your results and your performance in the digital classroom. Also if you plan to bunk today’s class, they’ll know 😉

11th JEE course

Are you targetting for JEE Mains and Advanced 2021? This course is your complete one-stop solution to all your needs. Also get mock tests for free at the end of the course.

12th JEE course

Did you not perform well in your 11th JEE ? Looking for a way to utilise your hidden potential? This course is your complete one-stop solution to all your needs. Hurry and Register before the course begins.

12th NDA Crash Course

With less than 7 months remaining for NDA November 2019 attempt, are your preparations done? Get NDA crash course of 6 months and pursue your career to become the next Abhinandan.