Don’t Forget to read this before your JEE MAIN 2020!



Aug 24, 2020 . 7 min read

JEE MAINS 2020 Important Points

So, finally the day is about to come..The day for which you have waited so long..for which you have given more than 2 or 3 years of preparation……The JEE Day!!

Getting nervous?

Having doubts about your preparation?

Pressure to perform the Best?

Well, let me tell you that this is completely normal. Every aspirant passes through this stage. Don’t feel that you lack in something. It’s just that your brain is trying to concentrate on everything from the past 2 years.

You have done  your 49% part.The rest 51% is to trust your hard work.

So, TRUST YOURSELF and your preparation and keep the following Important Points in mind:-

Before the Exam Day

Keep yourself calm. Studying anything new should be avoided. New chapters and new topics should not be touched. Don’t study the day before the exam. You have studied sufficiently in these 2 years. Now, the only thing that remains is to trust your Hard work. Just have a quick review of yout last minute notes that you have prepared if you want to or read Notes in Rancho App

Have a healthy meal and try to keep your body fit. This might not seem important at first but it is very important. Once Buddha said “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”
So, keep your body fit so that your mind can give its Best.

Proper sleep is very necessary. This is an obvious and very common thing among JEE Aspirants that they are unable to take proper sleep before the JEE Day but a sufficient 7 hours sleep is very important for a proper functioning of mind in the exam.

Guidelines by NTA

This exam is a little bit different from the past ones as this is being conducted in a scenario of Global Pandemic of COVID-19. Some important measures are issued by NTA regarding this so as to ensure proper safety amd well conductance of the exam. They must be reviewed before the exam day-

  1. Admit card + Self Declaration(Undertaking) [All 4 pages of admit card] should be printed on A4 Size paper.
  2. Undertaking should have your passport size photo, left hand thumb impression and your parents’ signature.
  3. Your signature will be required on the same in the exam hall in the presence of invigilator.
  4. Anyone of the original and valid photo identification proof issued by Government [like Aadhar card]
  5. Footwear/shoes with thick soles and garments with large buttons are not permitted.
  6. A fresh mask will be provided at the exam centre.
  7. Transparent ballpoint pen should be carried.
  8. Photographs (same as that of in admit card)
  9. Hand sanitizer bottle (50 ml)
  10. A transparent water bottle.
  11. Visit the exam centre the day before your exam so as to ensure proper reachability and reach as per the time issued to you.
  12. Read all 4 pages of Admit card [undertaking + Advisory + Instructions] carefully.

Boost Yourself Up

Everything is prepared now. Important things to carry in the exam and your preparation too. Don’t doubt yourself. You have studied so much. Just try to count the number of chapters you are strong in. You know that you are already a Warrior, a Champion who is going to give the exam in this much critical situation of the country.

You have done a lot. Just be calm now. Watch a funny video. Talk to your parents if you are having anxiety. Speak out to them what’s going on inside your mind. They are with you.

What are you worrying about? About the exam?More precisely for the result of exam. Right?

OK. So, for an instance, let’s just forget all this. What worst thing can happen now? One would need to go to some other college. So what?

They can do their best from there. Life is full of opportunities and this is just an entrance exam of your college. Whichever college you will get, you will start studying there and will eventually get what you ultimately want.

“Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi” – In this journey of preparation, you have learnt so many things which will help you in the future. This journey is more important and you already have been through it.

“If you are determined to rock, no matter which path you are on, you will do it Anyhow!”

So, just perform with all your Efforts. Give your Best. Sleep with positive vibes. Tell yourself that I AM THE BEST and I am going to rock in the exam. All the questions will be easily solved by me. and I will come out with a Smile 🙂


With this level of excitement, EXAM FOD DAALO!!!!

Wish you ALL THE BEST from  Team Rancho!!