What happens in the Mentorship Session?



Aug 24, 2020 . 7 min read

What happens in the Mentorship Session from IITians?

The ability to express your problems in an efficient way such that you get clear and exactly the necessary solutions is an art. This art not only saves time but also helps us to get a clear picture in mind about what must be done to resolve your problems and this art becomes extremely important when it is directly related to your career.

We all have doubts and a lot of specific problems related to our JEE Preparation and the best way to solve them is to discuss them with the ones who have its experience. The IITians.

Let’s see what all can you ask to your IITian Mentor in your Mentorship Session

Regarding the Journey of Preparation

1. The books one should follow subject wise because there are thousands of books and writers in the market out there, what we need to know is the right book according to our need and goal. Here is a reference blog on JEE books

2. What things one should avoid during preparation?

3. Subject wise strategies. Like which chapters need revision and which need practice.

4. What type of schedule should I follow?

5. Which chapters need more attention and priority compared to others?

6. How to prepare notes?

7. How to practice Mock Tests?

8. You can also ask your mentor about their own experiences and preparation strategies which they followed during their preparation.

Just Before the Exam

Without the right guidance, just before the exam time is really confusing. We deviate in a lot of things which lead us to nowhere and we start panicking. One can clear such doubts by asking:

1. What are the right things to do just before the exam?

2. Whether to revise notes or just to be calm?

3. What should be the schedule and diet before the exam?

Exam Attempting Tips

Most of the aspirants sufficiently prepare for the exam but only few are able to convert that preparation into result by applying the right techniques.

An IITian Mentor is the right person who can share his/her techniques which subsequently will help us too.

Some common things every aspirant wants to know are

1. In which priority I should attempt the paper?

2. How to manage time? This is probably the most common question which everyone wants to know.

3. How to avoid silly mistakes in the exam which can lead us to lose a huge amount of marks? Here’s how I stopped making silly mistakes.

4. How to differentiate which Questions should be done and which should be avoided that waste the time?

5. How much time should be given to a particular subject?

6. What to do when we have 50-60% chance of an option being the correct answer?

7. Which tips can boast the score?

8. What to do in the 2hrs duration between paper1 and paper2 of JEE Advance?

9. What was the overall experience of  the mentor while giving the exams?

10. How did they solve the paper?

11. What mistakes did they make?

Regarding Colleges

1. You can also ask about, how to select colleges and branches after JEE.

2. Whether to go with a branch or with the college based on the college placement statistics.

Keep in Mind

Whatever you feel to be important regarding your goal, you can ask it without any hesitation. Provide the necessary information like your past performances to the mentor so that he/she can understand your weaknesses, your strengths and accordingly suggest you the best solution which can ultimately boost your chances to reach the goal. Providing false  things out of embarrassment or fear won’t help you to the exact point.

Talk to your Mentor like your Senior/Bhaiya/Didi and clear all your worries about JEE 🙂

All the Best!