JEE Main Tips: Increase 50 Marks in a few months

Arzoo kheni

Arzoo Kheni

  Mar 1, 2020 . 5 min read

Tips for JEE Main preparations

You would have heard of Bhaiyas and Didis who cleared JEE Mains/ Advanced with very good ranks and they tell you that “it was easy”. You would have heard of People who cleared JEE Mains/Advanced with good ranks by self-preparation. You also would have heard about students who took heavy coachings, worked very hard and still couldn’t even clear JEE Mains! Here, we reveal the JEE Main tips those toppers have used thoroughly throughout their preparations.

What is it that makes all the difference? Is there any “Secret” or is it Just Luck? Nope. It is just knowing about effective techniques and then following them with dedication.

IITians and Toppers’ JEE Main Tips

We are your Seniors, Bhaiyaas and Didis from IITs and for the past 3 years, we have been researching the Best and Most Effective Techniques to ace JEE Main and Advanced.

We read countless blogs, reports, psychology studies, exam patterns, syllabus, topper’s interviews. We interviewed toppers, teachers, coaching owners, and even IIT Professors and got some interesting JEE Main tips.

After numerous discussions and brainstorming, we concluded that the JEE Main tips given below are the Best and most effective of all. (Warning: It has 0% effectiveness if you just read it and do not follow)

Mistakes every aspirant make in attempting JEE Main paper

The time during JEE Preparation is very crucial. Almost 90% of students commit the same mistakes every year. We give you JEE Main tips following these mistakes:

  • Referring to too many books for each subject and getting confused in your JEE Main preparations.
  • Over practicing strong chapters and not practicing weak chapters.
  • Checking friends’ and classmates’ results and getting demotivated.
  • Not giving enough JEE Main mock tests.
  • Not practicing every question with a timer.
  • … so many more

These mistakes are so common that most students make them without even realizing themselves. A typical scenario of the exam looks like this.

JEE Main tips for each categories

Category explanation in your JEE Main strategy

A: In 20% of questions, students make silly mistakes. They spend their time on the question. They know how to solve it. They are confident while solving the question. Still, they score negative marks! Silly Mistakes are not silly, They are the worst mistakes you make. Reason for Silly Mistakes: Lack of Focus while attempting the question. See how I stopped making silly mistakes!

B: In other 20% questions, students make conceptual mistakes as JEE Questions are based on “very clearly understood concepts”. These questions also attract negative marks. Reason for Conceptual Mistakes: Not enough Practice of a wide variety of Questions.

C: 10% of Questions are not even seen by the student. It may be possible that these 10% questions were easy and he/she could score full marks in them. Reason: Bad Time Management

D: Another 15% of Questions are read by students and are not attempted and skipped. The question was lengthy, looked faulty, could not understand the graph given, etc may be the reasons for skipping the question. Reason: Not able to understand the question, lower-confidence in the topics involved, not enough time left.

E: The Successful 35% Questions are attempted, solved and marked correctly. These questions help students score positive marks.

Basic JEE Main strategy and Tips

From the above analysis, we formulate JEE Main tips and tricks in short to address each strategy.

# What to do? Net marks Tips on How!
A Reduce silly mistakes in 4 questions 4*4 + 1*4 (negative marks) = 20 Solving questions with the focus
B Reduce conceptual mistakes in 2 questions 4*2 + 1*2 =10

Solve a wide variety of questions during practice. From easy to hard, topic-wise, Question-type wise, etc


Attempt and correctly mark 2 questions

4*2 = 8

Solving every question with a Timer to increase speed and improve time management skills

D Attempt and correctly mark 3 questions 4*3=12 More practice

The final solid strategy which works for you

  1. Solve at least 200 high-quality questions from each chapter.
  2. Solve each question with a timer. Try to solve every question within 150 seconds. This JEE Main tip helps you improve time management skills.
  3. Apply 200 questions rule to your weak chapters as well as strong chapters.
  4. Attempt one chapter test on the completion of a chapter.

Though this seems to be a simple strategy, neglected by most of the students (but it is followed by Rankers and Toppers). Students devote a maximum of their time revising concepts and theories without focusing on the application part resulting in low marks in the exams and ultimately our of the final selection list.

Develop your own customized strategy under the guidance of an IITian bhaiya or didi who built their own success story, and is now here to share it with you. Rancho’s Mentorship sessions are all about JEE strategy, tips and tricks and inspiration from IITians. Book a Mentorship session and try it out today!

JEE Main preparation tip from toppers

Look around for the High Performing Students/Toppers and you will find that they follow these JEE Main tips to ace the exams. You have learned the strategy, now it’s time to apply it. 

As we have told you earlier that we have been researching the best methods of qualifying JEE with our 100+ IITians Team. We have created Rancho, an App that helps you follow this strategy easily. 

We have made Rancho keeping the above strategy in mind plus 11 other minor winning strategies which are not mentioned in this guide blog (these minor strategies can increase additional 20 marks!). Since JEE Main exams are near, checkout this time-table for important deadlines in JEE Main

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Surprise surprise!!

JEE Main surprise

Every Student is Different and so are you. If you need personal guidance, you can book a Mentorship Session (15 minutes call) with an IITian. During the session, you can discuss your own preparation strategy and get motivated. Your IITian mentor will guide you and give you some extra tips and tricks. See benefits of mentorship from here

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FAQs on JEE Main tips

How to get good score in JEE Main?
  1. Solve 200 high-quality questions from each chapter
  2. Solve each question with a timer
  3. Attempt one chapter test on the completion of a chapter
Is NCERT enough for JEE Main preparation?

One JEE Main tip we give every JEE Main aspirant is NCERT is good only for Inorganic Chemistry. Follow JEE preparation only from authentic faculties.

Is it easy to crack JEE Main?

Aspirants who study hard cracks JEE Main. Some students crack JEE Main without proper coachings. Proper guidance from IITian surely helps a student get certain advantages from their classmates.

Is 150 a good score in JEE Main?

Typically you’d get an All India Rank (AIR) in JEE Main 2020 in between 10,000 and 20,000. It’s a decent score and you can definitely get into an NIT. 

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