A Message from your Friends at IIT

Shweta Katheria

Mar 9, 2019 . 2 min read
We are your friends from IITs and want to guide you through this stressful time from December to May

The time from December to May is very crucial for your JEE Mains and Advanced. This is the time, students make most of their mistakes and lose their chances of getting into an IIT or NIT. In most cases, Lack of proper revision strategy is the key reason for their failure. Every member of our Team has cleared this exam and we have only 1 guru-mantra for you

“Take at least one JEE Mock Test EVERY DAY!”

Though it sounds a very simple strategy but neglected by most of the students. Students devote the maximum of their time revising concepts and theories without focusing on the application part resulting in low marks in the exams and ultimately out of the final selection list. Look around for the high performing students/toppers and you will find that they follow only this golden rule to ace the exams.

Various scientific studies also show that practice is the best mode of learning and practicing in a Test environment is the best + fastest mode of learning. Once you finish the 3-hour mock test, take a break of 10 minutes and then check the solution for every question. Carefully Identify your silly mistakes and clear your confusing concepts. We assure this exercise of practicing tests will strengthen your command on weak areas and grip on strong chapters.

To boost your performance in the exam and help you achieve your targets in time, We have created Boosters Test Series first of its kind, keeping this Golden Rule in mind. To know more about it check: www.rancho.in

We hope that you ROCK your JEE ?

You can visit us at https://rancho.in to boost your IIT preparation. Get more tips and information about JEE Advanced here.