HC Verma Solutions – Part 1 and Part 2, Download PDF for free

HC Verma Solutions

HC VERMA –  for Class 11 and Class 12

Author: HC VERMA
AIR Range: 1 – 1,00,000
Topics: Complete Physics

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HC Verma Solutions for free in PDFs

Few books stand the test of time, as well as the Concepts of Physics series, by Dr. H.C. Verma. A set of two books, they are generally used by students all over India. H C Verma books for physics are good for practicing JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced problems. Since HC Verma contains JEE Advanced level questions, HC Verma solutions are useful to lots of students. The chapters and concepts in this book are given in short. So the concepts in this book are very easy to understand. Read the complete list of books you should follow for JEE.

Just like other physics authors, it also concentrates on your fundamentals of physics. If you’re aiming for AIR between 1 to 1,00,000 in JEE Main, this book is for you. Compared to DC Pandey, it consists of a lesser number of questions and exercises.

Chapter-wise HC Verma Solutions – Part 1 (Class 11)

For over twenty years, people have advised them as the GOT books for Physics, whether you are preparing for JEE/Medical or just your Board exams.

Chapter-wise HC Verma Solutions – Part 2 (Class 12)

To download a chapter from the list of HC Verma solutions of part 2, Follow the chapter link and click the Download PDF button.

Key Features For HC Verma Solutions

Rancho brings the solutions of this esteemed book – HC Verma in a step by step way. Some of the key factors that give merit to our HC Verma Solutions are:

The solutions are obtained in a step by step approach for better and effortless understanding

1. Organization

 Dr. H.C. Verma is a professor of Physics at IIT, Kanpur. He knows how to manage the flow of the chapters. HCV (like everyone calls it), is very well organized. Each chapter flows naturally to the next and adds one new concept to your experience of high school physics.

 2. The language

 The books use simplistic English and present ideas in a manner that is easy to understand. The author has taken proper care to avoid crafty language and uncommon words.

 3. The Content

In the introduction to every chapter, the writer raises a question or develops an idea interactively. The theory is kept short, and the focus is on the application of concepts in the problems. To guide the reader, there are many worked-out examples.

 4. Questions and Exercises

HC Verma and the HC Verma solutions do not include an exhaustive amount of exercise. Each chapter has about 40-50 questions, except a few where the number goes up to 70. There is more focus on quality than quantity. The questions are extremely conceptual. There is an objective type section as well. These questions are very thought-provoking.

 5. Error-free

One of the business points of any book is error-free content. HC Verma is very strong at this front. You can trust the solutions given in the book to be correct. No wonder, many examine it a Bible for Physics for Class XI, XII and Entrance Exams.

 6. Price

For what it offers, HC Verma is cheap. Many other publications charge twice the money for less than half the content! Also, HC Verma solutions are free to download on Rancho.


Mr. H.C.Verma’s books rank high on my list of books for the IIT-JEE. They are relevantstraightforward. There are separate challenging questions given in the book which will really help you for JEE Advanced. You can learn more regarding JEE Main on Rancho app, which is designed to help the aspirants. Also check out the HC Verma solutions on play store


FAQs on HC Verma Solutions 

Is HC Verma sufficient for JEE?

HC Verma is an excellent book to prepare your physics. Toppers from Kota also solve HC Verma.

How do you solve HC Verma?

HC Verma covers a variety of questions across all levels of difficulties. Attempt questions from exercises of each chapter.

To clear your doubts, download the pdf file for HC Verma solutions

Is HC Verma good for NEET?

Not exactly. HC Verma covers JEE Advanced level concepts rigorously. So, it is advisable to solve selected questions from HC Verma solutions as recommended by your NEET Teacher. 

Who is Dr HC Verma?

Dr. Harish Chandra Verma – HC Verma is a professor of Physics at IIT Kanpur. He knows how to manage the flow of the chapters. He is an experimental Physicist with his primary research on Nuclear Physics (So Cool!)