S L Loney – Plane Trigonometry

SL Loney Trigonometry part 1 for JEE Maths

Plane Trigonometry – S L Loney

Author: S L Loney
AIR Range: 10-10000
Topics: Trigonometry

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    About S L Loney Plane Trigonometry

    S L Loney Plane Trigonometry is a very famous book on 2D Trigonometry by Sidney Luxton Loney, a professor of Mathematics at Royal Holloway collage. Even though it was written almost a century ago, the book continues to be a very popular choice for JEE aspirants who wish to master Trigonometry fundamentals.

    Expert Review For S L Loney Plane Trigonometry

    Plane trigonometry is a perfect textbook on trigonometry. It is very much suitable for the students preparing for IIT JEE.

    This book was not written with JEE in mind but is rather a general international book on trigonometry. However, JEE students can refer to this book and it can help as a complete guide of trigonometry for them.
    The most useful part of this book is its coverage of Heights and Distances and Inverse Trigonometric Functions. The book provides a very good learning experience and the exercises which follow are not only comprehensive but they have both basic and standard questions.
    One of the best parts of the foreign author’s book is that the answers given at the end of the book are very accurate which a rare feature in books of this category.

    Important Facts About the book

    The book provides a very useful learning experience and the exercises which follow are not only comprehensive but they have both basic and standard questions. With S L Loney books, you can learn and determine the proper way in less amount of time. It will assist you to build a strong base. By attempting exercises every day from the Solutions, you will become very proficient at Trigonometry. It will help you to comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and also enhance your speed of answering questions.

    Key features of S L Loney

    • Complex and quality questions are prepared.
    • Solved examples are less in number but enough to explain the concept.
    • All types of questions that can be required in the JEE mains or advance examination are covered in this book.
    • The whole theory that is required to be studied is in the book.
    • The book includes descriptive theory and a large number of practice questions based on it.
    • It also has a section of Inverse trigonometric functions in the end.

    Topics Covered in the Plane Trigonometry Book

    • Measurement of Angles
    • Trigonometrically Ratios
    • Simple Problems in Height and Distance
    • Application of Algebraic Sign to Trigonometry
    • Trigonometric Function
    • General Expressions for Trigonometrically Ratio
    • Trigonometrically Ratios the Sum and Difference of Two Angles
    • Trigonometrical Ratios Multiple and Submultiple Angles

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    FAQs of S L Loney

    Is S L Loney good enough for JEE?

    Yes, Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney is a book for building fundamentals in Trigonometry. It is very well suited for JEE.

    Does S L Loney cover JEE syllabus?

    Plane Trigonometry was written as a general book on Trigonometry. It covers all topics in JEE Trigonometry syllabus, but has a few topics out of syllabus as well.

    Does S L Loney provide solutions?

    No, S L Loney does not provide solutions to problems. However, you will find accurate answers in the book, and solutions are provided online as well as by some publishers.