Best Chemistry books for JEE Main and Advanced

All over India, students refer to more than 30 different books for Chemistry. Follow this list of Chemistry books for JEE. We have divided each book into further categories of AIR Range, difficulty and usefulness. With the help of AIR Range, you can decide whether you should refer to that book or not. Click on one of these books to understand how the AIR Range is useful for you.

List of Best JEE Chemistry Books

1. RC Mukherjee – Numerical Chemistry

R C Mukherjee is a well-known name in the Chemistry book scenario of India. Whether we consider CBSE or JEE Main, both the boards recommend and use these textbooks. This book comply with the standards set by the CBSE board.

2. OP Tandon – Physical Chemistry

OP Tandon Chemistry books are very attractive to those who prepare for competitive exams. Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon is a must-have for all those who are preparing for IIT JEE or other engineering entrance examinations.