Hall and Knight (Higher Algebra)

Hall and Knight

Hall and Knight – Higher Algebra

Author: Hall and Knight
AIR Range: 10-10000
Topics: Algebra, Probability

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About Hall and Knight

Algebra by Hall and Knight is one of the greatest books for JEE preparation. Students preparing for JEE and other engineering entrance exams as well as students looking for board exams should read this book, especially to master Algebra and Probability. The book describes the concepts logically and is very interesting as well as challenging. Additionally, the book is quite affordable as well.

Algebra is an important topic for JEE, and quite scoring as well. Hall and Knight has a lot of unsolved and solved examples. Solved problems in Mathematics help you build approaches and intuition to get solutions to even the trickiest problems. This book contains chapters from both class 11 and class 12. This book is referred for JEE Advanced. Just make sure you’re not overly dependent on this book, it misses out on some important topics of Algebra for JEE Advanced e.g. Range of Quadratic Functions. You can get the book on Flipkart.

Topics Covered by Hall and Knight

Topics covered in the book are:

  • Ratio
  • Proportion
  • Variation
  • Arithmetical Progression
  • Geometrical Progression
  • Harmonical Progression Theorems Connected with The Progression
  • Scales of Notation
  • Surds and Imaginary Quantities
  • The Theory of Quadratic Equations
  • Miscellaneous Equations

Expert Review of Hall and Knight

Hall and Knight Algebra covers lots of solved and unsolved examples, which offer excellent practice to students preparing for competitive exams.

  • Solutions to the difficulties in the Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight are arranged in a point-wise manner with step-by-step explanations, making them easier to understand.
  • Books such as pre-algebra book, Higher School Mathematics by Hall and Knight, and Hall and Knight Algebra book are interlinked and hence, it is difficult to classify them as Class 11 or Class 12 books.
  • However, many of the sub-topics that JEE aspirants need to master are missing in the book like the position of roots, range of quadratic functions, and rational inequalities.

Students of Class 11 and 12 should develop an interest in Algebra as it introduces them to several new theorems in a very attractive manner. Practicing problems from this book regularly will boost your confidence in algebra and help you get over fears a lot of students have in this topic.

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Before you go away, I’d like to know about your confidence in Algebra. It is one of the most fundamental topics in Mathematics, and JEE regularly asks questions from this topic. Test your preparation by taking a free 1-hour chapter test on Algebra on Rancho. Register and get started for free!

FAQs of Hall and Knight

Is Hall and Knight sufficient for JEE?

Hall and Knight is agreat book for preparing Algebra for JEE. It covers most of the topics, but missed out on a few topics from JEE Advanced. So students should use it in addition to some other book.

Is Hall and Knight very tough?

No, Hall and Knight is not tough. In fact, it is quite easy to understand and liked by a lot of students for its variety of solved problems and solutions.