21 Days Master Plan

Arzoo kheni

Arzoo Kheni

  Jan 30, 2021 . 5 min read
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21 Days Master Plan

Let’s Plan to Crack JEE Main together.


Rancho has launched the Master Plan to revise all the Important chapters of JEE Main in just 21 Days. We have created Chapter Tests exclusively for those who are going to face JEE Main in 2021. Each Chapter Test contains 30 Most Important Questions to be solved in 60 Minutes. These 30 Questions cover all the important concepts of that chapter.

What to Do?

Attempt “One Chapter Test” Every Day on Rancho

We have also created a schedule covering 7 MOST IMPORTANT chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths each.


Day 1: Chemical Bonding – Chemistry
Day 4: Chemical Thermodynamics – Chemistry
Day 7: Periodic Properties of Elements – Chemistry
Day 10: Chemical Kinetics – Chemistry
Day 13: Alcohols Phenols and Ethers – Chemistry
Day 16: Coordination Compounds – Chemistry
Day 19: Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium – Chemistry

Day 2: Thermal Properties of Matter – Physics
Day 5: Wave Optics – Physics
Day 8: Rotational Dynamics – Physics
Day 11: SHM (Oscillations) – Physics
Day 14: Electric Field and Gauss Law – Physics
Day 17: Electronic Devices – Physics
Day 20: EMI and AC – Physics

Day 3: Probability – Maths
Day 6: 3D Geometry – Maths
Day 9: Limits Continuity and Differentiability – Maths
Day 12: Sequence and Series or Progressions – Maths
Day 15: Definite Integrations and their Applications – Maths
Day 18: Vectors – Maths
Day 21: Matrix and Determinants – Maths

These 21 Chapter Tests can change the entire scene of your preparation.
You will thank us and these chapter tests multiple times after your JEE Main. 
Even if you face difficulties in solving the questions in these tests, we highly recommend that you read the solutions and try them out yourself. Even this small exercise will help you solve atleast 6 questions correctly in JEE.

All the Chapter Tests are available in Rancho Android App. 

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